Welcome to The Brazilian Association of Enterostomal Therapy (SOBEST®)

Who We Are

The Brazilian Association of Enterostomal Therapy - SOBEST® is a scientific and cultural institution that covers ostomy, wound, continence, fistulas, catheters, and drains care practice.

Enterostomal therapy is a nurse’s exclusive specialty focused on health promotion and comprehensive health care, in its preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation aspects. SOBEST is the institution that represents this specialty in Brazil, being recognized internationally by the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists® (WCET®).

Founded in 1992, SOBEST® is based on ethical and scientific precepts, which are globally established and recommended for Enterostomal Therapists by the WCET®. It is present in 15 Brazilian states through the SOBEST Sections.

What We Do

SOBEST® maintains regular scientific events like national and international congress, regional symposiums, webnars and professional improvement courses since its foundation.

SOBEST® offers a Specialist Title in Enterostomal Therapy - TiSOBEST, whose criteria were established and approved in an Ordinary General Assembly of on June 25th, 2009. The title occurs through a qualification exam taken by the graduates from lato sensu postgraduate courses from Educational Institutions, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the National Council of Education, which are accredited, or in process of accreditation, by SOBEST® and the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists® (WCET®). Qualification exam involves documented memorial evaluation, and a theoretical and clinical abilities test, carried out annually during one SOBEST® scientific event and announced by public notice on the website.

In 2011 SOBEST® has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with WCET® to recognize enterostomal therapy nursing education programs in Brazil.

SOBEST® has the only scientific enterostomal therapy journal in in Latin America, the Brazilian Journal of Enterostomal Therapy indexed in seven databases with publications in English and Portuguese.

SOBEST® has an Ethics Committee and a Brazilian Ethical Guideline for Enterostomal Therapists.


Be a reference in Enterostomal Therapy in Brazil, promoting knowledge for enterostomal therapists, generalists’ nurses, and other health professionals, acting on behalf of its associates’ and community’s interests in regard to ostomy, wounds, continence, fistulas, catheters and drains care practice.


Assure the progress and respect from the scientific and medical care community, by fostering the enterostomal therapists’ qualification with excellence, according WCET® recommendations.


Respect the Brazilian nursing ethics code, and the philosophical and ethical requirements of the Brazilian Association of Nursing (ABEn®) and WCET®. Social responsibility, professional competence and commitment with assistance, teaching, research and good practices based upon scientific evidences.


BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF ENTEROSTOMAL THERAPY – SOBEST, located at Antonio de Godoy Street,35 – 1st floor/102, Downtown, city of São Paulo/SP. Registration number: 67.832.063/0001-85, non-profitable organization, considered Municipal Public Utility and State organization, certified as a Beneficent Entity of Social Assistance in Health, under the Ordinance No 1.074 of 17/07/2018.


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